Isabel Zivy law firm is one of the most important French-Hispanic structure in Paris in commercial law, specialized in the relationship between France and all countries of Latin America.

Another particularity of the Firm is its capacity to mobilize teams of lawyers when it is necessary. Commercial trade between France and Latin America require a high legal experience and, at the same time, a good knowledge of local culture.
- the Firm may intervene from Paris to deal with a case in France for a Latin-American client,
- or it may be trusted of a specific case that deals with Latin American law.

Then, the Firm adopts its method of work:
- the consultation may be organized in Paris or,
- the Firm may have recourse to one of its correspondents of A.L.A. (Abogados Latinoamericanos) network of lawyers that practice in every capital of Latin America.

Supervision is always carried out from Paris.

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