10.06.58 Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards - the "New York" Convention (ratified on 14.03.93).
5.10.61 Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 abolishing the requirement of legalization for foreign public documents (Apostil) ratified on 12.08.88 (non applicable).
18.03.65 ICSID Convention for the settlement of investment disputes (Washington agreement) (non applicable).
14 .07.67 WIPO. Convention establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization.
30.01.75 Inter-American Convention on International Commercial Arbitration (Panama convention).
11.01.76 Convention between Chile and Argentina on the avoidance of the double taxation.
02.12.77 Convention between Chile and France on the avoidance of the maritime and air income taxation.
14.03.78 Hague Convention on the law applicable to Agency, in force on 1 May 1992..
05.08.79 The Inter-American Convention on the Extra-Territorial validity of Foreign Judgments and Arbitral Awards.
08.12.79 Aeronautic Agreement between France and Chile.
11.04.80 Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods.
8.12.80 Treaty of Montevideo establishing the LAIA (Latin American Integration Association).
04.03.91 Framework Agreement for Economic Cooperation Chile / E.U.
27.09.91 France / Chile Agreement on tourism.
28.05.94 Act allowing an agreement on mutual protection of investments, signed in Paris on 14.07.92, already ratified by Chile. This Convention is applicable to goods, shares, debentures, rights of author, industrial property and concession contracts legally formed.
01.01.95 WTO. World Trade Organization.
10.06.95 Agreement of association Chile / MERCOSUR. Negotiations on tariffs
15.12.95 Framework Agreement MERCOSUR / European Union.
31.12.95 Bilateral Treaty with Mexico to bring down the tariffs to 0%.
21.06.96 Framework Agreement Chile / European Union.
10.04.97 Agreement between France and Chile on Education, Exchange of Trainee and Formation.
16.04.98 Free trade agreement MERCOSUR / Andean Pact, tariffs alignment.
22.07.98 Council of European Union Ministers, approval of the directives for the negotiations of an agreement on politic and economic association with Chile.
22.04.99 BIT. Bilateral Investment Treaty between Chile and Uruguay in force..
07.09.99 BIT. Bilateral Investment Treaty signed by Chile and El Salvador, on 08.11.96, in force.
21.12.99 BIT. Bilateral Investment Treaty between Chile and Panama in force.
26.09.99 Convention between Chile and Ecuador on the avoidance of the double taxation.
10.03.99 Convention between Chile and Poland on the avoidance the double taxation.
15.11.99 Convention between Chile and Mexico on the avoidance of the double taxation.
05.09.00 Ratification of the Agreement abolishing the requirement of short stay visas for members of diplomatic missions signed on 10.04.97.
28.09.00 Framework cooperation agreement for the purpose of a politic and economic association between the European Union and Chile, D 2000 975.
20.04.01 Act 2001-340 of 19.04.01 approving the ratification of the Convention on Social Security between France and Chile, signed on 25.06.99.
01.01.04 Convention between Chile and Spain on avoidance of the double taxation.
30.04.04 Agreement of Association between Chile and the European Union to be approved by the Council.
07.06.04 Signature in Paris of the Convention between Chile and Paris on the avoidance of the double taxation.